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Series 700

Series 700 self-balancing lid closure is available with either statuary bronze or black oxide finish. The standard closure features solid brass enclosed slide. It is also available with hardened moving parts and stainless steel rivets, particularly necessary for sound enclosures where they operate many times per hour. You may choose left or right hand brackets, a variety of spring tensions to suit application, and either a back side mount or side mount hardware.

Series 700 with side mount - Carson Capitol Mfg.
Series 700 with side mount

Series 700 with back side mount  - Carson Capitol Mfg.
Series 700 with back side mount

Diagram of a Series 700 lid closure - Carson Capitol Mfg.

Mounting Diagram
(PDF - 86kb)

Assembly of 700 Series
(PDF - 251kb)

SPRING COLOR * Inch pounds
Low Limit High Limit
WHITE 110 140
ORANGE 95 125
YELLOW 65 95
BLACK 55 65
MAROON 45 55
GREEN 40 45
BLUE 35 40
GREY 20 35
* NOTE: To find inch-pounds, multiply one-half the distance from front to back times the weight of the lid.